Thursday, November 21, 2013

Building a Better Death Star

Its not a large secret that I enjoy running bad a$$ beatstick combat characters.  Add in to this idea that I also cant turn down a great combat unit.  Basically over the last few years and dating back to 3rd edition my obsession revolves around the pointed ear folks.

What the eldar and dark eldar have are some of the best collection of combat characters and units in the game.  From the phoenix lords to Vect, 3rd edition banshees and wyches to 6th edition beast master units and Incubi.  Their stats are better, their close combat weapons are more exotic and the combos they can dial up are simply off the charts.

Now Ive tried out a bunch of the different characters and unit combinations, from Grotesques and Urien, to beasts and Baron.  Ive stagnated for a while with what I consider the best combination, Lord Asdrubael Vect and a large Beast unit.  ITs effective against anything in the game, and has the speed and suedo survivability to get into the action.

Now presently Ive been painting up a second beast unit, thinking that if one is good two might be better.  Or at the very least if one beast unit that reaches the enemy is good enough to win games, then a second one might ensure that at least one reaches the more shooty tau and eldar gun lines.  But in my list addled ADD brain I have other ideas that constantly surface to the top, and one of the big ones involves building a better death star.

Enter the Inyaden spiritseers.  For one HQ slot you can take up to 5 Spiritseers.  Each spiritseer is a lv 2 caster with a group of powers that range from bonus weapon skill, to bonuses to running.  But the big three seem to be +1 to armor save, +1 strength, and renewer(which heals a lost wound).  So with 5 of these guys in a unit casting 2 powers each turn its kinda funky the bonuses your unit can get when they start stacking up.  Imagine +2 str, +2 armor save, +2 weapon skill and suddenly your units are hitting harder and tanking wounds much better then their flimsy eldar armor saves ever could normally.  Push it to the full extreme and imagine using both HQ slots for a total 10 spirit seers, 20 psychic powers... could be nuts, but I think that plan removes access to the much more fun and satisfying killy characters I mentioned earlier, so I think I will begin with exploring the 5 spirit seers first.  What will follow is an exploration of what units to combine and incorporate to both make use of these psykers and perhaps break away from my standard Vect Beast combo.

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