Saturday, November 16, 2013

Renewing my Hobby Juices

Every once and a while you just need to reboot.  
They are doing it wit super hero movies all the time now... sometimes too much.

I used to blog a bit, but only was consistent with it for a very short period of time.  Now a few years later Im willing to give it another try.  So last night I sat down to create a new page, shed all the old posts.  And also dug through my paint bin to throw out any dried up pots, and add water to any pots that just needed some love.

Now that those things are taken care of I hope to bring some snipits of interesting ideas, a smattering of pics of me painting things, and hopefully some medium grade battle reports.  If anyone gets something out of these things then that will be awesome, but Im mostly looking for a medium to focus my energy and love for the hobby and create some structure and enthusiasm so I keep up with the horde of plastic that Ive collected.

Vect says bring new friends to help with the fun.

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