Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1850: LictorShame vs Imperial Guard with Imperial Knight BAO Missions

So another good week at the Battle For Salvation: https://www.facebook.com/battleforsalvation got a game with my buddy Bobby and his mystery army which turned out to be Imperial Guard with an allied Knight.

Hive Tyrant - wings, double devourer, egrubs
Hive Tyrant - as above
3x Solo Lictors
2x 5 Genestealers with adrenal
3 Rippers
3x Solo Mucloids
3x 5 Sporemines
3x Mawlocs
Death Leapers Assassin Formation(DL + 5 Solo Lictors)

Bobby's Grand Armada
Pask in Punisher with Demolisher as well
4x Vets - 3 melta - Chimera 
Hell hound
Imeperial Knight - melta cannon

We were runnig BAO mission 1 for the LVO... I know thats a lot of anagrams.  Emperors will plus two maelstrom objectives in no mans land.  Emperors will are orange mine is bottom left his is top right.  Maelstroms were purple with the number 2 over on the left and the number one over on the right.

Warlord got reroll reserves and +1 seize, has Catalyst and warp lance.  The other tyrant got the horror and onslaught.  Bobby won the roll and gave me first turn.

I deployed both Tyrants behind bastion in center of board.  Bobby deployed 3 melta vet teams on the left, manticore dead away back edge.  Imperial knight in front of pasks team, with another melta vet team on the right edge behind the hell hound.  Genestealers outflanked, the rest of my army deepstrikes, Bobby's vendetta was in reserve.
 Turn 1 I fly both tyrants up.  Cast catalyst on both.  Attempt warp lance and fail.  Attempt onlaught and fail.  Warlord on the hill hits side unobstructed on right front chimera near him, and wrecks it, guys get pinned.  OtheyRant shoots front on left front chimera(tried onslaught to get into side) and does one hull point.  I score no maelstroms, had hold objectives 1,2.
 Bobby shuffles and moves up.  Imperial knight shoots at Bastion and does nothing, but claims objective 1.  Shoots everything at warlord and does nothing.  Scores another maelstrom for having 3 units in own deployment zone with none of mine.
 Turn 2: reserves!!  Get everything but one lictor, malwoc and the rippers in.  Mawloc one hits directly on the poor pinned vets and kills all 10.  Strike the other between two active chimeras on left and shake one and do nothing to the other...they now both have one hull point done, mishaps back to reserves.  Mucloids are those big grey bulbs in the picture.  Spore mines land in half circle around Knight.  DeathLeaper is near knight on right side of hellhound... didnt know they were side 12.  Stealers come in on right edge.  Lictor hides on hill near them.  One Lictor near side of manticore.  2 in ruin at top left near chimera, 3 in center ruin on side of the wall you cant see in this picture.  Flyrants swoop forward, I wanted to get rid of his templates to protect stealers.  Otheyrant kills the manticore, warlord shoots at the hellhound... where I am informed that the sides are 12.... doh.  Still manage two glances, so close.  Stealers run to spread out.  Lictors clip at chimeras doing nothing.  Spores run.  Score one maelstrom for killing a unit... forget to put someone on obj 2.   Down 2-1.

 Bobby's turn 2.  Vendetta comes in.  Hellhound moves around to flame stealers.  Guys shift around, vets bail out on hill.  Pask and vendetta shoot at warlord and do two wounds, feel no pain was blocked last turn, but ruins help, not grounded.  Hellhound kills a few stealers, vets on far side kill a lictor.  Vets on hill near bottom shoot at Lictor and miss all their melta guns, so he lives.
 Imperial knight assaults Deathleaper and kills him.  And scores that one maelstrom point. 3-1 Im down.
 Turn 3: Ongoing mawloc comes in, other one does not.  Neither do rippers.. forgot about the lictor.  Mawloc precision kills the 10 vets, does a hull point to the chimera and lands on the hill.  Flyrants swoop over.  Warlord lights up rear or vendetta who jinks and just is stunned.  Otheyrant kills Pask.  Genestealers move up and assault the chimera killing it.  Lictor from hill moves down and kills the hellhound.  Lictor and mawloc assault the demolisher and shake it.  Mines move around.  Lictors shoot and assault chimeras at top, two manage to kill one chimera, one does only one hull point to the other.  Score another maelstrom for killing something 3-2.
 Get in there boys.
 Vendetta has to fly straight, past the ruin.  Demolisher tank shocks near the imperial knight.  Vets shoot and kill a Lictor, vets in the chimera fail to kill another.  Imperial knight assaults some spore mines.  No maelstrom so hes still up 3-2.
At this point Bobby calls the game.  And we start thinking up marine lists, and watching the guys play the Sparticus board game.


  1. Congratulations on another big win man. was good to see your games on stream (as well as your crack ;-). I'm thinking about giving the list a try for a bit. it will be interesting to see if it becomes the next "big thing"