Thursday, January 23, 2014

Battle Report: Double Beast Pack vs. Necrons

Once again got to get a 40k League game in at the Battle for Salvation club.  This was final list week at the midpoint of the league so this will be the list I use for the last few games and the playoffs.

Its double beast pack again and I stuck with the waveserpents I used in the last game and am also trying out some warp spiders.

20 warriors - 2 splinter cannons
5 Warriors
5 Beast Master - 10 Kymerra, 6 Razorwing flocks
5 Beast Master - 10 Kymerra, 6 Razorwing flocks

Farseer - bike, spirit stone of Anathalin
10 Guardians in a waveserpent with lots of guns
10 Guardians in a wave serpent with scatter laser, shuriken cannon... you know the usual
7 Warpspiders

My opponent was Bobby and his Necrons:

Command Barge
Destroyer Lord
10 immortals with tesla
5 Warriors in a Scythe
5 Warriors in a Scythe
10 Scarabs
6 Wraiths
6 Wraiths
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
3 Spyders 1 gloom prism

The mission we were playing was kill points... well we were supposed to be playing some sort of option kill point mission from the tournament collective thing... but we both got confused and since if we both chose option 1 it would basically mean we were playing standard kill points thats what we chose.

For powers I rolled once on all 3 tables for the farseer... got mind war so swapped for guide.  Then rolled misfortune... mulled keeping it but dropped for prescience, then rolled dominate and dropped that for psychic scream even though I knew I wouldnt use it either way.  Necrons are one of those trap armies where I want invisibility or fortune to boost defensiveness against all the str 6+ shooting they can spit out and kill my beasts with, but often rolling for those powers and not getting them can be detrimental so I chose a more measured approach in this situation.

Bobby won the roll to go first and chose to do so.  He positioned his 2 annihilation barges on the top left of the pictures.  Next to them are some wraiths that are hard to see as they are black, then middle he had scarabs with the D-lord next to that were six more wraiths with spyders behind them.  On the hill to the furthest right were his immortals with both Zandreak and Obyron.

I put the my warp spyders all the way over on the left of the board hidden from necron shooting by the hill, I was looking to test their mobility and use them to chase around his barges.  The wraithknight was middle where it could still range in on the barges.  The wave serpents I put outside the max 36" range of the barges for turn one safety.  With the warriors near them hiding slightly behind the ruin in my bottom zone.  The beasts I put all behind the ruin with a razorwing in front for both units if he might get line of slight with his immortals.  Vect went with one beast unit, deploying near the warriors to the left of the ruin and the farseer was in the back of the other pack with guide range on the wraithknight.

Then I seized Yay for Vect!  I guided the knight and prescience the warriors.  Spiders rolled bad for movement so I left them behind the hill.  KNight moved back middle to get exactly 36" from one barge and out of range of the other and blew up its target.  Warriors move up, both beasts move up, farseer leaves right most beast unit and joins warriors.  Warriors, both wave serpents and the unaccompanied beast shoot at the near wraiths killing all but 2.  Vect and his beast run forward to bubble wrap the other beast unit.

Bobby moves the scarabs forward and gives them furious charge, D-lord leaves them and joins far wraiths and enter middle ruin.  Zandrek and the Immortals move backwards and shoot Vect's beasts killing a razorwing base.  Annihilation barge moves and turbos forwards.  Wraiths and scarabs charge vect and the beasts, I kill one wraith and wound the other and a few bases of scarabs, they in turn kill a bunch of beasts, good movement by him left me swinging on the wraiths with Vect and a lot of the Kymerra and him making a bunch of saves rather then on his scarabs which would have simply died.  Both units are fearless though and hold up.
 Turn 2 and I cast the twin linky powers on the same units again.  Beasts move up and farseer rejoins them.  Spiders roll double 6's for movement... yay?! so one dies and they are moved middle to shoot the wraiths and d-lord.  Knight moves middle to shoot and charge d-lord.  Serpents and warriors move back and left to use the line of sight blocking of the ruin to limit who they can kill in the wraith unit.  By maneuvering the warriors can see 5 wraiths and not the d-lord, serpents can see 3-5 wraiths respectively and no d-lord, this means that my shooting can by pass his 2+ save and gut the unit.  Shooting opens up first serpent and warriors kill 5 wraiths leaving second serpent to shoot and kill a spyder as it no longer had sight on any wraiths.  Spiders shoot at wraith and d-lord and do nothing... wraithknight shoots as well and after look out sir rolls the wraith uses its 3++ to live... then I fail a 3" charge to lock them up with the knight.  Beasts charge into the fray with the other beasts... kill everything and consolidate into some cover and sliding kymerra in front to take incoming str 7 shooting to be expected with incoming reserves and barge.  I also assault slide my spiders in front of my warriors to make sure the d-lord couldnt charge them, I guess good foresight considering the Knights blunders in the building.
 Bobby's turn 2 and one of his scythes comes on.  It fires into Vect's beasts but doesnt land a ton of his and they pass a few 4++ maybe lose a beast or 2.  Barge shoots the Wraithknight to do one wound.  Zandrek and Obyron teleport the Immortals into my deployment zone to escape the approaching beasts and shoot at the warriors killing 7 but they pass morale.  D-lord and wraith charge the  Knight who passes mind shackle test but doesnt wound the necrons due to some more good wraith saves.  The 2 remaining tomb spyders charge Vect and his depleted beasts, Vect does 4 wounds killing one of them and then razorwings attack and roll no 6's but 3 1's which reroll into 2 6's just enough to kill them, Vect Consolidates back towards the D-lord.
We had plenty of time to continue playing but this is where we called the game.  Bobby felt the writing was on the wall and we chatted a bit about things he might have done different to change the out come. By choosing to go first he let me gauge his deployment and deploy away from his firepower, this is doubly dangerous against a Vect list as its only 50/50 that he would retain first turn.  He also noted that if using the D-lord to improve resiliency then he would need to position better so I couldnt slide so easily to block him and neuter his wraith units.

Overall the wave serpents have been pretty solid in 2 games.  Double beasts has been up and down, Im still not convinced its better then a single beast pack eldar base list with double Knights.  The spyders were underwhelming though they displayed some of the options I like about them such as the screening nature.  I think I severely over estimated their general mobility and left them a bit too far off on the island.

Ive got 2 local RTT's scheduled for this weekend and to help me make decisions between double beast pack and single beast pack for the upcoming Templecon GT Ill be brining one list one day and the other the next.  Whichever does better will give me a better idea on what Ill be bringing to Rhode Island in a few short weeks.

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