Monday, January 27, 2014

Battle Report: Gaming ETC Tournament Game 2: Eldar and Tau

Game 2 of the event.  Mission is dawn of war deployment.  Option 1 for primary is to play the relic at the center of the board for 6 points.  Option 2 is to score objectives at the end of your opponents turn starting turn 2, 1 point per objective with 2 placed by each player to a max of 6 points.  Secondaries are slay the warlord, first blood and line breaker, with option to escalate one of those.

This game I was playing my friend Kurt and his eldar with tau allies.

5 dire avengers in wave serpent
5 dire avengers in wave serpent
5 dire avengers in wave serpent
5 dire avengers in wave serpent
3 Jetbikes
D-cannon battery
Buff commander
10 Kroot
3 Broadsides with missiles

My list again:
3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
7 Warpspiders
7 Warpspiders

15 Warriors - splinter cannon, Sybarite
5 Beast Masters - 20 Kymerra, 2 Razorwing Flocks

We both chose the alternate mission as neither of us fancied our troops surviving a midfield encounter, me against his shooting his small troops against my beasts.  I put one objective in the ruin in the bottom which had nice line of sight blocking walls and the other kinda mid board.  Kurt put one behind his ruin and one in the far top left corner on the hillside.  His powers were guide, prescience, and forewarning.  Eldrad for me had guide, mind war, doom and death mission... lol, my spirit seer had conceal and renewer.  I won the roll to go first and chose to do so, valuing closing with the enemy as fast as possible in the absence of fortune.  However once again I am seized upon.

I deploy everything except one unit of bikes.  Kurt has kroot outflanking and jet bikes in reserve.

Turn 1 kurt moves his wraithknight and 2 serpents off the hill on the left and back towards the bulk of his army.  He begins to shoot at my wraithknight with his broadsides as I had left the rest of my army out of their range(they are in the ruin), and does 1 wound.  He shoots 2 wave serpents into the warriors who lose a few models, and then shoots everything else into the beasts who roll hot on saves and only lose a few kymerra.
My turn 1 and I guess things could have gone much worse.  I move everything forward as far as possible.  Jetbikes hide in the ruin on the objective.  I shoot both wraithknights at the riptide hoping for instant death... dont know why I didnt just shoot at waveserpents... kurt doesnt have holofields but since I didnt read his list I didnt know that... also didnt realize his broadsides dont have interceptor either, found out next turn and had I known I would have deep struck the spiders lol... epic reading fail.
Turn 2 and Kurt gets his bikes in and moves them onto his objective behind the ruin.  Wraithknight splits out wide to line up a charge on warp spiders.  The d-cannon battery rolls a 6 and removes my wraithknight from the center of the table.  Shooting kills 4 warp spyders from one squad, guts the warriors who run off the board and kills some beasts.  Bright spot for me, kurt shot one spyder with the wraithknight making his 1 inch charge into a charge just over 2 inches and since he had put himself in terrain had to roll 3 dice... double 1's so the the warp spyders are safe.  I score a point for my jet bikes being on an objective.
My turn 2 and my other jetbike unit comes on, this is when the interceptor question becomes relevant and I shake my head at my own silliness.  So I move on out of line of sight of the riptide and then turbo in the shooting phase to contest his objective and keep him from scoring this turn.  Both spyder units jst forward and each miraculously blow up a wave serpent... again see no reading lists so no holofields...  Wraithknight now shoots at other wave serpent but rolls a 1 to penetrate.  Beasts move up and line up charge on Kurts wraithknight, I string vect and Eldrad way back to keep them from fighting on the initial charge, razorwings still do 2 wounds to it leaving it with 3 left.

Kurt's turn and his kroot still dont come in.  He amuses himself with killing all my spyders and jet bikes for now.  I score another point for my jetbikes on the objective. Then...
Vect slices the wraithknight in half... an epic 6 wounds to the bum... haha.  Consolidate towards the enemy.
Its at this point that Kurt and I both kinda feel bad because we've spent the majority of the time dickering around with each other and our other friend Dan who is spectating and snap chatting our game to other people.  Time is getting close but we agree to do another turn regardless because otherwise I would win right there.  Since the game is going to go only one more turn I ecide to move the beasts forward to go big or go home, rather then settling in on the hill on the top left to deny him the objective there and play defense against his kroot coming on.  So I bull rush forward and line up a charge against 2 units of dire avengers and the riptide, farseer, buff commander unit.  I have to eat broadside overwatch and am left with a 10 inch charge and fail oh well.  Wraithknight moved south to green objective to block it.  Kurt finally scores a point, tally 2-1 for me.

Turn 4 Kurt's kroot come on and shoot at my jetbikes, kill only one and they pass leadership.  He shoots a bit at the beasts to kill off the razowings but wants to ensure a charge with his riptide to tie me up so doesnt shoot the broadsides.  His jetbikes move across the board to claim the objective on the top left hill.  Riptide and 2 dire avenger units charge me, I kill the dire avengers but the riptide and commander are stubborn.  I score another point to go up 3-1.

My turn 4 and I calmly tell kurt that my jetbikes will simply move forward and deny his objective at the top right and then I will win 3-2 on objectives, apparently he didnt see that coming.  Wraithknight moves over and shoots down a waveserpent and assaults and kills the dire avengers inside.  Combat with the riptide and buff commander is as expected... one wound to them a beast or 2 dead and no real result.
I win primary, secondary and max again... weird game.  Lots of bad individual high unlikely results for me... seizing, full wound wraithknight exploding, etc.  Poor deployment decisions, and no fortune.  And still managed good play for much of the game.  Another turn with the choices made at the end likely sees me lose the rest of the beasts but probably not the wraithknight.  So would likely mean losing the game.  But if time was not as much an issue I would have likely kept the beasts back to protect my side of the board and been able to tie the game out or even get a late win depending on the wraithknight continuing to do well up the right flank.

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