Monday, January 27, 2014

Battle Report: Gaming ETC Tournament Game 1: Ultramarines

Got to play in two local tournaments this weekend.  I'm going to throw sundays games up first and then finish with the 3 from saturday next.

In this event I was running Eldar base:

3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
7 Warpspiders
7 Warpspiders

15 Warriors - splinter cannon, Sybarite
5 Beast Masters - 20 Kymerra, 2 Razorwing Flocks

My first opponent was my friend Bobby Sinnot from the Necron report last week.  He was running his well painted Ultramarines today.

Chapter Master - shield eternal, terminator armor, fist
5 Tactical Marines - Lascannon Razorback
5 Tactical Marines - lascannon Razorback
5 Tactical Marines - assault cannon Razorback
5 Scouts - snipers and missile launcher
5 Terminators - 1 LC, 4 TH/SS
God Hammer Landraider
Storm Talon
Storm Talon
Predator - auto cannon, 2 Lascannons
Predator - auto cannon,  2 lascannons
Predator - auto cannon, 2 lascannons

Mission 1 was Vanguard deployment.  4 objectives centered in each corner, and each player placed one  for 6 total.  Each player had the option to either score single points for objectives held at the end of their opponents turn starting turn 2, or play for the end of the game and get 3 points for any objective held at the end of the game.  Either choice a player was maxed at 9 points for this primary mission.  Secondary was sly the world, first blood, line breaker and each player again had the option to "Escalate" one of these choices which raised its point total from 2 to up to 4 but introduced new parameters to achieve it.

I chose to put my troops into reserve and play for the end game primary.  I also escalated slay the warlord, which meant I would receive 1 point for each character in my opponents army.  Bobby chose to try and score points every turn while also escalating warlord.

I rolled fortune, guide, eldritch storm, and prescience for powers on Eldrad and Conceal and Renewer on the Spiritseer.  I also won the roll to go first.  I deployed beasts spread out behind these bastions in the center.  Double Wraithknights down to the bottom and one unit of spiders high and tight on the left.  I put the other spyders in reserve to deepstrike and my bikes and warriors to walk on from reserve.  Dan tried to sneak into the pic here.
 Redo shot more dan... Bobby put 2 predators and razorbacks on the right side.  Other predator on the top line, with a razaorback behind the landraider.  Scouts took the top floor on the ruin.  It was night fight.  I was all set to go first and then Bobby seized.
 Turn 1 for Bobby.  He moves the landraider up and shifts some razorbacks around.  He lights up the bottom most wraithknight with a search light and begins shooting it with his plethora of lascannons.  Bad dice ensue and he manages only 3 wounds on it.  Phew.
 My turn 1 and I heal the wraithknight 1 wound with Renewer, fortune, conceal the beasts and guide and prescience both knights.  Everyone moves forward as fast as possible.  Both knights shoot the predator that used its search light and do nothing.  Spiders and beasts run forward.

Bobby's turn 2 and one storm talon comes in.  It shoots up the spiders and does a wound or 2.  Some marines move forward as its turn 2 so he can start scoring points at the bottom of my turn.  Lascannons et al once again shoot the wounded knight who goes all the way down to one wound left.  Chapter master and terminators pile out and charge the beasts.  I do no wounds he does 1 wound, we pile in.
 My turn 2 and I got a unit of bikes, my warriors, and other spyders in from reserve.  Warriors move in onto an objective off screen to the bottom left.  Bikes move on and turbo up near bastions.  Spyders deep strike in behind a razorback near the ruin in his zone.  I guide the spyders that were already on the board.  Prescience the mid board wraithknight and fortune the beasts.  Also Renew another wound for the wraithknight.  Guided spyders blow up the Storm talon.  The other squad of spyders breaks a lascannon off a razorback.  Knight on the right shoots a predator and blows it up, also is within 3" so contests the objective those marines are on.  Mid board the other wraithknight shoots and assaults the landraider finally blowing it up.  Spyders use assault moves to close with enemy, the deep striking squad jumps in front of the ruin contesting that objective.  In assault beasts put 3 wounds on the chapter master and kill 3 terminators.  Lose a few beasts.

 Turn 3 and bobby and Bobby's other storm raven doesnt show up.  He shoots all his tanks at the wraithknight that has 2 wounds left and it passes a bunch of saves and ultimately lives.  He shoots and assaults the spyders in the midboard and they flee from the marines after losing combat by 1.  His chapter master and terminators are ultimately ground down by the weight of the beasts, who consolidate forward.
Bobby asks that we call the game there.  The writing is on the wall with the beast free to charge what every they choose next turn and both wraithknights still alive and a squad of spyders still free to move and fire.

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