Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LVO Game 1: Eldar and Dark Eldar

My first opponent at the LVO was John and his Eldar/Dark Eldar.  Nice tough list to start off the day... not what you are looking for haha.  I usually like a nice soft matchup round one to get the jitters out and wake up... not to be instead I get an eldar list that many people claimed I couldnt beat after 11th company.
Time to get to work.
Our mission round 1 was emperor's will primary.  The secondary at LVO is always a small 6 option maelstrom chart, and then points for first blood, linebreaker, and slay the warlord.  He rolled up invisibility and psychic shriek, and I rolled some powers... maybe warp lance, feel no pain...  I won the roll to go first and passed that to him.  He deployed everything but his 5 dark eldar warriors, and his deepstriking wraithguard with the archon and the spiritseer.  My objective is in the little brown ruin next to my bastion, his is in a low ruin on the other side of that tall middle piece of terrain.  There are maelstrom objectives near the wraithknight on the left and in the tall middle ruin.

Turn one he moves up and sits on a maelstrom with the left wraithknight and gets another maelstrom by entering my deployment zone with a waveserpent.  He tries to line up some shots on spore mines and kills one or two.

My turn one I do nothing... and then almost shit my pants on his turn 2.

Turn 2 and both his warriors and wraithguard come in from reserve.  He asks me if i have a flame template and I frantically reach for his list... the wraithguard have dscythes... and I thought they just had regular guns.  Since he doesnt scatter with his deepstrike he lands right next to my spore mines.  Thank goodness I took my time to interlock and disperse them.  When it comes time for him to flame them since he has to hit as many models as possible from the primary target it limits how many of some of the secondary units he can hit, and some he doesnt hit at all.  SO a total disaster is averted and a few mines live to man the comms relay.
 Scary... dice colors representing different units.
 My turn 2 and I get 2 maybe three mawlocs, all the mucolids most of the lictors, and 2 flyrants in, also one tyrant guard who runs and hides in the bastion.  Flyrants fly on extreme low right of the table and kill one waveserpent and put a hull point or two on the other.  Mucolids and lictors land near his home base to harass dark eldar warriors.  Mawlocs go after his wraithguard unit.  Spiritseer is the center point and first mawloc hits direct.  He fails a look out sir and down goes the spiritseer.  A few wraithguard die as well before the random effect takes the hits to the archon who starts passing shadowfield saves like a boss.  Mawloc mishaps back into reserve.  Other mawloc goes after the warriors but scatters off for no damage.  Some spore mines charge the waraithguard and actually kill one.   Lictors shoot into rear of waveserpent that was behind central ruin and with 4-5 of them manage to kill it.  I believe we each score some maelstrom this turn.
 Turn 3 and John starts to remobilize to deal with my army actually being on the board now.  Serpent in bottom right turns and moves to line shots on lictors even though it has jinked, also positions to deny rear armor to two flyrants next to it.  Other surviving serpent shifts in top left of screen to get shots on my guys.  Wraithknights reposition.  On shoots mawloc with help from dire avengers and warriors and then charges it, but it lives and hit and runs away.  Serpents shoot lictors who go to ground and survive.  Wraithknight charges lictor and punts it to the dead zone.  Wraithguard explode bastion and barely kill tyrant guard inside.
 My other flyrant does not come in.  Mawlocs do and one kills dire avengers while other lands on warriors but only kills half.  Hurt mawloc burrows away.  Lictors assault remaining warriors and hunker in terrain.  Mucolids start slowly moving towards wraithknights.  Flyrants fly slowly towards action while staying in flame range of waveserpent which they kill.  Tyrant guard moves onto board and runs onto that little hill in middle of my table edge to be out of range of wraithguard guns for now.

John's turn 4.  One wraithknight shoots and rolls a 6 to kill a max wound mawloc... ouch.  Other one does some damage to the mawloc who once again runs away from combat.  His warlord is actually an autarch who along with 5 avengers runs and hides in the deep right bottom corner now having lost their waveserpent.

My turn 4 and now my other flyrant comes in.  All three line up shots on his archon and wraithguard that are holding my home objective.  First flyrant shoots and kills all three wraithguard with wounds to spare, but the shadowfield holds for now.  With two more flyrants Im confident that the shadowfield will break... 24 shots.... loads of wounds... and that darn archon is still alive!?!?  Mawloc lands near archon but does no damage.  Rippers land near his home objective.  Lictors mull around in the terrain.  Mawloc near the wraithknights burrows.

Turn 5.  John assaults rippers and a lictor and kills them both.  Waveserpent tries to clear some stuff as well.  Archon weighs his options and assaults the mawloc... and doesnt quite manage to kill it with his agonizer thanks to some feel no pain from the flyrants, but again his shadowfield holds strong, mawloc hit and runs away.

My turn 5(pics again).  Flyrants fly up and waste the waveserpent.  Archon is just out of contest range of objective so more important this turn to keep dealing with his fast objective secured units.  Lictors contest his home base while tyrant guard holds mine.  Mawloc lands mid board to claim maelstrom point... I think this is the turn I also clear him on maelstrom totals finally as his movable units had finally dwindled.

If the game ends I win.  If not we will see.  It doesnt end.

Wraithknights kill two more lictors there are still one or two more.  Arcon assaults tyrant guard and does one wound... tyrant guard breaks the shadowfield... but archon passes feel no pain.  Just outside synapse range and tyrant guard flees and is cut down.

Tyrants circle back around.... and line up shots on that pesky archon... and finally he dies.  Mawloc also rolled a hit to drop back in on him but thought it was more dramatic to get revenge with the flyrants.  Game ends and I win primary and secondary and have first blood and linebreaker.  John gets line breaker as well.  9-1.


  1. Good job! Your thoughts/analysis about the matchup and the match in particular?
    And why are WK's seen as such a hard counter to your list? Other than practically unkillable, they can only kill one unit per turn (and most likely in close combat).

  2. Wraithknights are seen as a counter because some Tyranid players decide to spend their entire game trying to kill/tarpit them. While that can be done with specific Tyranid models/squads (hey Barbie) the Flyrant just isn't going to get it done with any sort of efficiency. So Sean chooses the smart thing, which is to ignore them and kill the rest of the army