Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LVO Game 2: TSHFT Eldar/Tau

So after a rather rushed lunch period we are back at it for round 2.  I get to the table and there are several armies there... so wait around and another army shows up too and it looks a bit familiar.  I think Ive seen pictures of that recently.  Yep is Sean(Abusepuppy) and his TSHFT winning firepower army of doom.  Well at least it wasnt the two 4 Imperialknight armies that were sitting there... mission two is kill points.

At least we both have lots.
I pass first turn to Sean.  He sets up as seen.  Hornets are white, so one is hiding on that paper.  I set up a bunch of mines just out of smart missile range and a single flyrant... had ideas of maybe seizing for first blood.
 Turn 1 Sean(not me) scouts and then moves hornets down the board to line up shots on Tyrant.  One had to flat out so only snaps... ruin cover (had stealth warlord trait) means I only take one wound.  Riptide nova charges and blows up bastion.  Everything else shuffles around in his void shield zone.

I fly off the board with the tyrant to end my turn 1.  His turn 2 he summons demonettes to take middle board objective for maelstrom point.
 My turn 2.  Both flyrants plus the one from the start of the game come on.  All 3 mawlocs, 5 lictors, some of the mines that didnt start on the board, all come on.  Start landing mawlocs on broadsides.  First one hits and kills one and mishaps, Sean places him near my board edge.  Second one kills one or two reducing one unit to one guy... who flees a bit.  Other mawloc scatters hitting nothing.  Lictors all emerge in ruin behind several waveserpents.  Shoot at one that jinks, takes a hull point.  Shoot at another and immobilize it.  Shoot at third and it jinks for no damage.  Two flyrants have scream and scream at the other unit of broadsides.  Kill one I think and then they kill the two hornets.  Sean also tried to intercept the lictors with his broadsides... but since he was outside the void shield the smart missiles bounced harmlessly.
 Turn 3.  Sean disembarks all his dire avengers.  Summons some bloodletters.  Shooting opens up.  Riptide and solo broadside start with mawloc, do some wounds.  At least two of the serpents and one unit of dire avengers also shoot it, but it could have been up to 3 of the serpents, it finally goes down.  Demonettes line up charge on the other one and kill it.  Dire avengers start shooting into lictors one at a time they go to ground and 4 of the five end up taking a single wound.
 My turn 3.  Lictor comes in, place him in the central ruin to take that objective, Tyrant guard walks on the bottom for another maelstrom. Flyrants swoop around.  One puts all the lictors into synapse allowing them to disperse.  They all move out with 1 going to each hurt waveserpent and 2 going to the unhurt serpent.  Flyrants start shooting and screaming at targets killing 1 unit of dire avengers, putting a few more hull points on serpents.  Mawloc on the bottom edge burrows.  Lictors all charge into serpents.  3 solo lictors kill 3 serpents that had one hull point left each.  2 man teamup lictors kill the unhurt serpent.

Turn 4.  Sean kills the tyrant guard at the bottom of the screen with broadsides.  Blood letters and demonettes fail charge up towards lictor in ruin.  Farseer kills a lictor in combat with hammer of wrath after shooting it.  Dire avengers kill several lictors.  Kill points are in my favor slightly but he has a big turn here after my huge turn 3.

My turn 4.  Flyrants shuffle around.  Mawloc returns and kills two broadsides near mid board.  Lictor makes 10 inch charge into some dire avengers and kills 3 and sweeps them.  Mucolid charges and blows up some bloodletters and demonettes.  Shooting finishes off solo broadside and thins some demonettes and dire avengers.  Other tyrant guard moves on into same position to take the objective for maelstrom again.

Turn 5.  Sean shoots into warlord tyrant with riptide to no effect.  Farseer flys next to tyrant guard to block objective and hide from flyrants.  Remaining demonettes and bloodletters charge mawloc and fail to kill it... it hits and runs straight up towards some remaining dire avengers.

I believe that is where we call the game.  Clock is running long and Im way ahead on kill points and about to pick up several more.  All he will likely have left after the turn would be farseer and riptide.  Sean was a great opponent with a great list.  But it wasnt to be his day today.  Brutal turn 3 did him in, a kill point hole that he couldnt quite dig out of.   Was a pleasure to play him, filled with name jokes... we still think they paired the second round alphabetically because the odds of Sean playing Sean.

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