Monday, March 16, 2015

LVO Game 4: Orks and Necrons... with Demons?

Bright and early 10am Vegas time for day 2.  Which means my body thinks its 1pm haha, thats when you start a GT.  So after my loss at the end of day 1 I am anxious to start day two knowing I need to score points.  Im still very hopeful for making the top 8, my lone loss still netted me some solid points and my wins so far have been large.

Enter Chris and his orks.... errr necrons.... demons?
Weirdboy - summoning
Weirdboy - summoning
Warboss - mega armor, lucky stick
3 Meganobz - truck
3 Meganobz- truck
10 Boyz - nob claw, truck
20 Boyz? -  nob claw
8 Tanks busta boys - truck
6 Biker boyz - nob big choppa
Battle wagon
3 Big guns - mega blasters?(Str 8 blast)
10 Gretchin
Canoptek Harvest Formation
6 wraiths
Void Shield Generator

Wowwwww.... that is a lot of tough fast moving assault units with some variety and hitting power.  Backed up with some nifty summoning tricks and a void shield generator.

Our mission was scouring and of course maelstrom.  So each of us had 3 objectives to place worth 1-3 respectively.  I had marginal powers I think.  I won the roll to go first and made him go first.

Chris deployed everything.  In the top right most corner he placed his grots with a weirdboy.  I had placed the 3 point objective near this building but outside cover and nearer the middle of the short edge.  He started all his trucks near the void shield generator(orb thing in the pictures).  Canoptex harvest all deployed up in front of that top ruin.  He put his big guns up on top and middle floors of center red ruin.

I deployed all 3 flyrants and 2 tyrant guard.  One tyrant guard hid behind bastion to use comms.  The other deployed aggressively forward but out of line of sight in brown ruin.  Everything else is deepstriking.

Turn one chris moves his army forward.  Wraiths string a little to take a maelstrom point.  Tank bustas move up on top side of red building.  All the orks are in range of the void shields.  He summons a unit of pink horrors.  Who land behind void shield near his 1 point objective.
 I fly the Tyrants all forward and shoot the extremely durable wraiths.  I kill 2 however with all my shooting and injure a 3rd, was one wound from pushing him off the maelstrom point.  Here I make a blunder.  I go for an early maelstrom with a tyrant guard knowing in my heart that he will then in turn charge him with his wraiths and get first blood.  Knowing that I need that precious tournament point I do it anyway.

Turn 2 for Chris he moves wraiths forward to assault tyrant guard and does successfully killing him for first blood.  Tank bustas truck fails one eye open test and can not move.  The other trucks leave the void shield safety net.  With a nob truck flat outing in front, boys in truck slides up right next to battlewagon with boys and warboss.  The other nobs play rear guard.  Horrors summon plague drones which land in bottom right corner.  Bikers slide up the board more towards my other tyrant guard.

So looking at the table turn 2 I felt that I had some opportunities to be extremely aggressive or make some passive plays to prolong the game and head towards victory.  I got three mawlocs, tons of spores, most of my lictors and not my rippers in.  Dropped a lictor in bastion for security games.  Dropped several mucolids in area of wraiths near tan ruin.  Dropped all my spore mines around his battle wagon.  This was my big play to get a huge advantage against Chris.  A lucky stick mega boss is so hard to kill with standard methods, but I have found a lot of success with junk killing these bosses because of their vulnerability while trapped within the vehicles they require for speed.  I then decided to go for an aggressive move with my first mawloc drop.  I lined it up directly over his forward most mega nob truck and rolled a hit.  Then I rolled a 6 to pen it and a 5 to blow it up.  The explosion did a wound to a nob and then three wounds from the second blast killed 2 and I popped back into reserve.  Since that had worked so well I decided to try again with the other meganobs... hit again... pen again... but his ramshackle rule turns it into a glance... doh... second blast does another pen and once again he ramshackles it away... oh well back into reserve.  Third one scatters off the mark trying to hit the tank bustas and ends up on teh bottom floor of the red ruin.  Lictor on top floor of that ruin, one on middle floor, as close as possible to big guns.  2 more lictors next to grots in top right ruin.  Tyrant guard moves up next to biker boyz.  One flyrant moves up to rear line of bikes, other two close final trap around battle wagon.  One flyrant shoots in rear of battle wagon and does 2 hull points.  Other flyrant uses flamer and and gun to glance battlewagon to death... Chris sees the dilema immediately.... battle wagon is at slight angle to truck next to it but start base to base and never get wider then an inch apart so his mega nob boss is too big to exit in the only open area... so he dies along with all but 3 boys and the nob.  The third flyrant screams killing the lone surviving meganob and wounding the bikes, then shoots them to kill a few more.  Tyrant guard charges the remainder and sweeps them... consolidating towards my rear board edge.
 Chris moves to restore some balance on his turn 3.  Wraiths scream towards my lone tyrant guard and assault doing no damage.  3 mega nobz get out of their truck and assault the mawloc which smashes killing one and they do some damage in return but he hit and runs away.  Tank bustas and truck boyz move forward chasing freedom and objectives in my zone.  Plague drones move up out of corner.  Grots along with weirdboy assault two lictors, lose combat and kill some more grots as punishment... lictors hit and run towards horrors.  Surviving battlewagon boyz assault some spore mines and die to explosions.  He summons some bloodcrushers of khorne.

My turn 3.  My last lictor comes in and lands in top right ruin with the grots.  Rippers come in in top left near that brown hill behind my bastion where there is an objective which also is a maelstrom this turn.  Flyrants move up and two finish off the bloodcrusher.  The third does damage to something Im sure.  Mawloc assaults and smashes plague drones... beats them in combat and they explode.  Lictors do the same to the horrors.  My other mawlocs land on the remaining two meganobz and kill them.  Two lictors assault and sweep the big guns and their accompanying weirdboy.  Tyrant guard takes a wound but continues to hold up wraiths... some mucolids assault and do some damage to the tough wraiths who are at least now outside the range of the spyders formation buffs.
Turn 4 for Chris who is running out of models quickly.  Tank bustas immobilize themselves on some terrain and are stuck mid board.  Other boyz move through my ruin next to my bastion.  Wraiths still cant kill the tyrant guard and are starting to dwindle.  Spyders and scarabs have spent game moving up top board edge, spyder attempts to charge scarabs but fails.  Remaining grots and weirdboy assault lictor and lose everyone but the weirdboy who sticks around.

Flyrants shuffle.  They shoot and kill the scarabs and the Spyder.  Lictor jumps out of bastion and assaults and kills the boyz truck spilling them out.  Lictors shoot truck and wreck it in midboard and they and the mawlcos assault and kill the tank busta boyz.  Lictor finishes off weirdboy.  Tyrant guard finally dies to wraiths.

I think we called the game here.  I had maelstrom lead and he had two units left.  I end up with 9 and begin to wonder if making that obvious turn one error could come back to bite me.  Every point is precious when you dont control your own destiny.


  1. Sounds like a good game. Turn 2, can you deepstrike into a Bastion? Didn't know that.

    1. Well I deepstruck next to the door... thus ending my move within 2" of the door allowing me to embark.

  2. Nice game. Are you able to catch units often trapped in their transports like you did that warboss? Seemed like a huge free kill!

    1. Yeah I used to do it with beast pack dark eldar. And with all the units I can deepstrikes its laughably easy with my tyranids. Buts its something I usually only pull when the prize is something so large as an invincible warboss or something like that.