Thursday, November 13, 2014

11th Company Game 2

Game 2 was against Oby from the stomping grounds group.  I really really liked his balanced space marine list.

Iron hands.
Chapter Master - gorgons shield, some kind of axe, on bike
5 man bike squad - 2 grav guns, multimelta
10 marine - melta, combi melta, drop pod
10 Marines - plasma, combi plasma, rhino
5 Scouts - heavy bolter, Land Speeder storm
5 Scouts - heavy bolter, Landspeeder storm
Predator - 3 lascannons
Thunderfire cannon
Storm Talon
Imperial knight - battle cannon

I had some powers...  i think the only one I liked was psyscream.

Oby took first.  He was playing the progressive version of the relic mission where he could score some points based on controlling more each turn then me.  I played for end game again.  I took second turn.  There were some nice ruins so I thought about deploying the tyrants but ultimately just deployed a mawloc and death leaper.   You can see his stuff deployed and after turn one moves below.  His pod came in and tried to melta the mawloc.  I think he lost a wound or two after all the shooting in his army.

The mawloc then ran up and assaulted some marine and killed a few.  While death leaper slid back towards the comms relay.
 Turn 2 one unit of his scouts came in and shot ineffectually at the Leaper.  Chapter master assaulted with bikes into mawloc and killed him.  Some of his marines got out of the rhino to get on my objective, Rhino had immobilized itself on terrain.  Predator blew up Bastion.

I got both other mawlocs, and a slew of Lictors in turn 2.  Only one flyrant, and a few spore mines.  Tried to land a mawloc on the thunderfire and missed.  tried to land other on his disembarked marine in the bottom right and clipped 2.  Flyrant killed the rhino while hiding from the coming storm talon and stalker.  Genestealers came in bottom right behind ruin and rhino and top right headed for thunderfire cannon.  Lictors shot into rear of stalker and killed it.

His other scouts and storm talon came in.  Bikes moved back across board shooting at lictors.  Predator thunderfire and such fire on lictors.  Knight shoots genestealers.  Lots of my stuff goes to ground.

My other flyrant comes in.  Another lictor or so.  Flyrant shoots storm killing it, death leaper assaults the other killing it.  Flyrant flys forward and puts most of the gone to ground lictors under synapse range.  One mawloc burrows from the bottom right.  Stealers assault marines that had fallen out of rhino.  Lictors assault 3 marines near center ruin on right side.  Mawloc assaults thunderfire cannon, lictors assault predator.  Flyrant casts scream and kills a few bikes.  And then kills storm talon.

Turn 4 he puts chapter master on relic to block it.  Scouts shoot at leaper and one unit assaults him, he kills most of them.  Marines near pod assault lictor in ruin.  Knight shoots at lictors in top right.

My turn and mawloc lands near Leaper killing a bunch of scouts and marines.  Flyrants Fly up and finish off last biker while rippers land near relic and since they are objective secured they claim it over the chapter masters contesting body.  I control 2 objectives and the relic which is worth like 5 points plus 3 and he had scored 4 points across turns.  Add in a secondary each and I won 10-6.

This round seemed to go by too fast, we were informed of 20 minutes left at some point and both looked at each other in major surprise.  But if the game had gone on for more turns I would have likely increased the margin to the max, as his chapter master had only 2 wounds left and with both flyrants still around they could have peppered him as necessary.  And the imperial knight would only be able to kill a few units.


  1. How did you keep synapse turn 1 and 2? Neither Mawloc or Deathleaper are synaptic. Just get lucky on leadership rolls?

    1. Well death leaper is ld 10, and mawlocs dont have bad instinctive behavior, so not a huge factor early on.