Saturday, November 15, 2014

11th Company Game 4

So after 3-0 day one Im slated in the top bracket for day 2.  Bracket seeded every round by battle points.  SO since I have the least of the top 4 Ive got to play the person with the most of the bottom 4.  That person was Blake and his space wolves and Astra Militariam.
Rune Priest(summoning powers)
Rune Priest(sumoning powers)
Iron Priest on Wolf
Iron Priest on Wolf
5 Grey hunters - melta gun, Drop pod
5 Grey hunters - melta gun, Drop pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Company Command Squad - 4 melta, plasma pistol(went in drop pod)
2 Primaris Psykers(divination... prescience, 4+ invul, misfortune, something else)
Astra Priest
Platoon Command Squad - 4 flamers(drop pod)
3x Platoons - lascannon, Chimera
Special weapons squad - 3 melta, flamer, plasma pistol(went in drop pod)
50 Conscripts
2 Wyvrens

Ugghh.  Thats a lot of stuff to deal with.  I rolled some powers... warp lance, onslaught, paroxsyms, i guess something else too.  Mission was table quarters, you could either choose to score them at the end of the game based on points in quarters, or try to score some points each turn based on number of units in quarters, doing this you score at the start of your turns 2-7 before you move.  We both selected score per turn as we both felt we had a lot of units, and Blake was intending to even add to that total with summoning demons.

I chose to go first and deployed 2 flyrants up on right behind bastion.  I deployed a mawloc up on that side as well.  In the middle I deployed death leaper out of sight behind the ruin and a Mawloc in the terrain behind him.  I also deployed a unit of stealers in the bastion.  And the third mawloc behind the ruin bottom left.

Blake deployed his wyvrens deen in the rear behind that ruin.  He deployed his chimeras on the right edge of his vanguard deployment zone.  His conscripts were spread across the whole breadth of his zone with the priest, both primaris psykers, warlord rune priest and 2 Iron  priests deployed with them.  He had his other rune priest in a pod with special weapons, and other pods filled with stuff as described in his list above.  He did not seize.

Turn one I fly the tyrants up his flank.  Mawlocs shift slightly.  Able to get clear side shots on the chimeras the Tyrants wreck 2 of them.  because of placement he loses one of his lascannon teams because there isnt room to get the model out with the conscripts wrapped around the tank.

Blake comes in hot with his IG in pods.  He lines up to use ignores cover meltas on my mawloc.  But because of death leapers presence he fails one of the orders so only ignores cover with half, so mawloc only takes 4 wounds, even tosses the wyvrens at it since you cant target death leaper or the flyrants with them.  Conscripts and guardsmen try to ground the flyrants, do one wound to one but it doesnt ground. He tries to summon some demons but I manage to deny it.  His blob gets 4+ invul.
 So its my turn 2, some of his units border several quarters so we need to randomize which quarter they are in.  They end up being in my quarter so after totaling units I only claim one quarter which isnt enough to score any points.

So my reserves come in.  Lots of them.  Stealers outflank top left of board behind conscripts.  I think I put 6 Lictors in the rear of the wyvrens.  One lictor I put on the right side of that right central ruin.  Another I put in the bottom right ruin.  Rippers land near Leaper, spore mines land in middle ruin.

I fly one tyrant back to kill his command unit, get rid of those powerful orders.  The other flys up and kills another chimera.  2 far away mawlocs burrow.  Death leaper and the wounded mawloc move up and charge the rune priest and the guardsmen, death leaper kills the guardsmen and the mawloc finishes off the runepriest.  Lictors shake one wyvren and in total glance them both enough times so they both have one hull point left.

We check quarters again this turn and with all the Lictors appearing in his zone I block him from scoring there, and have enough in other quarters to prevent scoring anywhere.  Still 0-0.

Blakes turn he gets one of his pods in.  He lands it top right to shoot at a Lictor, who passes cover saves.  Needing to try and balance out our unit totals Blake separates some of his characters from the blob.  Both psykers walk away to add their numbers, one thunderpriest runs off towards the top right quarter.  He summons some plague drones and they scatter within 1" of another unit and so mishap, I place them in the bottom right quarter of the board.  Wyvrens shoot at lictors... but blast scatters off the board twice so no damage.  Blob charges into one unit of genestealers.  But because they are so spread out the stealers kill a few and only lose one stealer so stuck in combat.  Huge unit starts to congo left.
Now we check scores and I have clear majority in right, top and bottom, and actually top left as well.  So I score a precious 3 points(max per turn).

My mawlocs come in.  I link one off that surviving Lictor at the top right and remove those 5 marines.  The other I try to land on his astra priest to get rid of those hyms... but scatter down to the bottom left quarter.  4 of my lictors move forward to charge the Wyvrens and ensure their removal.  Flyrants fly left, one makes sure to get the stealers into synapse range so that they can lose combat but not run.  The other settles down near the right edge of that top left ruin.  Both shoot at the now separated primaris psykers and kill them.  Wyvrens die, second stealer unit assaults into edge of blob.  Kill a few guardsmen and lose a few stealers.  Congo line continues.  Mawloc and death leaper assault and kill a drop pod.

With most of his psyker support crumbling and the quarters game all but decided... Ill score 3 per turn from now on and he will score 0, we call it a game.

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